The Big Baller Brand was officially launched in 2016 by Lavar and Tina Ball in Chino Hills, CA.  Having raised three athletic sons that were drawn to basketball, they realized early on they had an opportunity to create a path to the NBA unlike any other family in American sports history.  In 2013, they used unconventional wisdom and formed one travel basketball team featuring all three sons instead of joining up with larger established programs. 

By design, their team roster did not attract players from surrounding towns or states. Ironically, they chose to train and coach kids from the neighborhoods surrounding Chino Hills. Tina and Lavar, knew early on for their youngest son to compete with the older boys they had to develop a different style of basketball that played to the unique strengths of each of their sons.

This style of play, which initially grew scrutiny from critics, required not only skill, but incredible stamina and conditioning which all the Ball’s had.  This ability to run nonstop for an entire game was developed through intense backyard workouts led by Lavar (a former NFL player) who had become a recognizable and accomplished trainer in the area.  Three years later this unique style of accelerated, up tempo basketball put the Ball Family on the national map and led Chino Hills High School to the National Championship and a 35-0 Record.

During this epic season of perfection, Tina and Lavar started wearing Big Baller Brand t-shirts to support their sons.  And with each contest the crowds at the games and the followers on social media continued to grow. While the Ball brothers and their Chino Hills teammates dismantled competition, Lavar sat courtside predicting every victory and shouting out some of his now famous catch phrases to opposing fans, parents, media or anyone who would listen.

Four years later, Big Baller Brand has become a recognized global sports and lifestyle brand influencing pop culture and gaining fans on multiple continents.  BBB was built on the foundation that family always comes first, embracing being different and challenging the status quo.